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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Writing Prompts Related to Romantic Comedy


Creative Writing Prompts About Poetry

1. Write a poem about your favorite romantic comedy.

2. Think about a couple of romantic episodes in your own life. Write a poem utilizing images from that episode and make them comedic.

3. Write a collection of poems where the voices are from your favorite main characters in romantic comedies.

4. Write a poem dedicated to adventures that people go through to find love.

5. Write a funny poem about how two people met for the first time.

Creative Writing Prompts About Fiction

1. Write a story about someone who messed up really bad in their last relationship. Now he/she wants their ex back. What happens next?

2. Write a story about two lovers who meet in a random location, somehow lose each other and go on a series of adventures to find each other again.

3. Write a story about a love bomb which causes people to randomly “feel in love” for a day or two.

4. Re-write your favorite romantic comedy and make it better.

5. Write a story that begins with a character who is romantically obsessing over someone.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

First Advice from My Peers

So I'm a newbie to screenwriting.
And I asked in my group what tips they might have for me.

One guy who shall not be named... said:
"Sit your ass down. Write. Don't look at it. Go to sleep.
Start fresh the next day. Repeat. Rinse."

OK. So I revised what he said.
But that is the gist of what he told me.

I asked him why I shouldn't look at what I wrote.
He said it's because you don't want to fall into Revision Hell.
Much better to have a Bad First Draft than a Ultra Perfect Scene all by itself.

I will heed his advice!



Hi Guys!

First post~~~~

I just realized I need a gathering place to post all my little Loves for the Romantic Comedy & Drama movies.

My favorite movies are...
Something's Gotta Give, Gigi (1958), Pride & Prejudice, The American President, 10 Things I Hate About You, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Amelie.

Drama movies...
The Quiz Show, The Reader, Jefferson in Paris.

OK. Keeping it Simple Sweetheart~